President    :  Datuk Dr. Khaw Lake Tee

Vice President : Mr. Philip Koh 

Hon. Secretary  :  Dr. Usharani Balasingam

Hon. Treasurer  :  Ms. Nurhalida Mohamed Khalil

Council Members  :  

          Dr. Loganathan Krishnan

          Ms. Choong Shaw Mei

          Ms. Noreen Ahmad Ariff

          Dr. Alima Joned

          Dato’ Muhammad Adam Abdullah

          Mr. Samry bin Masri

          Mr. Lau Zhong Yan


At one point in time, a vast majority of our law graduates received their legal education in England.  The University of Malaya Law Faculty was established in the year 1972 in line with the prevailing national interest to produce locally educated legal minds who are more familiar with Malaysia, its laws, customs and traditions.  Since its establishment, and in line with the objective, the Faculty has successfully produced outstanding graduates who have held and continue to hold various key national and international positions of influence. 


The word “alumni” or “alumnus”, in its singular form, is connected to the term “alma mater”.  One’s alma mater is the institution which one formally attended.  Upon graduating, said person becomes an “alumnus” of that institution.  The Constitution of PARFUM, however, also indirectly recognises former lecturers and teaching staff as constituting “alumni”.


PARFUM is a society established under the Societies Act 1966 with the primary purposes of being the bridge between the Law Faculty and the Alumni.  PARFUM aims to maintain the strong camaraderie between alumni as well as between the alumni and the Faculty. 


To this end, PARFUM’s programs and events are targeted at keeping the student population of the Faculty apprised of the Alumni’s significant strides in all aspects of the legal career (and beyond) while at the same time keeping the Alumni closely bound together so that we remain committed to upholding the prestige and gravitas of the University and the Faculty.  PARFUM also strives to record and disseminate the achievements of Faculty students and of Alumni to the masses.  The role of PARFUM also encompasses working hand in hand with the Faculty to ensure continuous legal education, respect for the Federal Constitution and of the Rule of Law.



Honorary Membership

PARFUM has the discretion to award Honorary Membership unto any current or former lecturers or professors of the Faculty or any invited legal luminary as determined by the Council or the Annual General Meeting. Honorary Members do not have voting rights.

Ordinary Membership

The following persons who graduated from the Faculty under the following categories are eligible for Ordinary Membership:

(a)       Bachelor of Laws (LLB) graduates;

(b)       Bachelor of Jurisprudence (B Juris) graduates;

(c)       Bachelor of Jurisprudence (External) (B Juris Ext.) graduates; and

(d)       Post-Graduate degree holders (LLM and PhD).

Student Membership

Any person who has completed the First Year of education at the Faculty is entitled to apply and be considered for student membership.