The Faculty of Law, University of Malaya (Law Faculty) was established in the year 1972 in line with the prevailing national interest to produce locally educated legal minds who are more familiar with Malaysia, its laws, customs and traditions.  Prior to the establishment of the Law Faculty, a vast majority of Malaysians received their legal education mostly in England.  Since its establishment, and in line with the objective, the Law Faculty has successfully produced outstanding graduates who have held and continue to hold various key national and international positions of influence. 


The word “alumni” or “alumnus”, in its singular form, is connected to the term “alma mater”.  One’s alma mater is the institution which one formally attended.  Upon graduating, said person becomes an “alumnus” of that institution.  The Constitution of PARFUM, also recognises current and former lecturers and teaching staff as “alumni”.


PARFUM is a society established under the Societies Act 1966 with the primary purpose of being the bridge between the Law Faculty and the Alumni.  PARFUM aims to maintain a strong camaraderie between members of the Alumni and the Law Faculty. 


To this end, PARFUM’s programs and events are targeted at keeping the student population of the Faculty apprised of the Alumni’s significant strides in all aspects of the legal career (and beyond) while at the same time keeping the Alumni closely bound together so that we remain committed to upholding the prestige and gravitas of the University and the Law Faculty. 

PARFUM also strives to record and disseminate the achievements of the Law Faculty’s students and of the Alumni to the public.  The role of PARFUM also encompasses working hand in hand with the Law Faculty to ensure continuous legal education, respect for the Federal Constitution and of the Rule of Law.


PARFUM is governed by a “Council” and is advised by a Patron.








The following persons who graduated from the Faculty under the following categories are eligible for Ordinary Membership:


(a)       Bachelor of Laws (LLB) graduates;

(b)       Bachelor of Jurisprudence (B Juris) graduates;

(c)       Bachelor of Jurisprudence (External) (B Juris Ext.) graduates; and

(d)       Post-Graduate degree holders (LLM and PhD).


One can either be a Life Ordinary Member or an Annual Ordinary Member.  A Life Ordinary Member pays a one-off membership fee to qualify for permanent membership.  The second category is Annual Ordinary Membership whereby the said person is required to renew his membership subscription every year.

Ordinary Members may have voting rights at Annual General Meetings and may stand for election and/or hold office.  To qualify for voting rights, the Ordinary Member must be in good standing.  To be in good standing, the Ordinary Member must have:


(a)     paid his membership fees and other dues timeously; and

(b)     provided PARFUM with his or her up-to-date contact information, constituting [legal name, mailing address, email address and phone number].


A member may lose his good standing and thus his voting rights should he fail to respond to an official request in writing by the Secretary (to either pay dues or update their contact information) or if the Council, in its sole discretion, determines as such.



PARFUM has the discretion to award Honorary Membership unto any current or former lecturers or professors of the Faculty or any invited legal luminary as determined by the Council or the Annual General Meeting.

Honorary Members do not have voting rights.

Any person who has completed the First Year of education at the Faculty is entitled to apply and be considered for student membership.






15th January 2018 – Meeting with the Patron, Tun Raus Sharif, at his Chambers in Putrajaya

31st January 2018 – First PARFUM’s Annual General Meeting

27th February 2018 – “The Pleasures of Afternoon Tea” with the Guest of Honour, the Patron, Tun Raus Sharif

16th April 2018 – National Release of ASEAN Legal Information Portal

Photos & Memories

Speech by PARFUM’s President


24th September 2018 – “An Evening of Conversations”

25th February 2019 – Second PARFUM’s Annual General Meeting

14th June 2019 – University of Malaya Law Faculty-PARFUM Fine Dining

Every year, the UM Law Faculty final year students partake in a fine dining event typically hosted the UM Law Faculty Foyer.  The purpose of this event it to expose the UM Law Faculty students to fine-dining etiquette, as well as to members of the legal profession – typically the Faculty’s alumni.  This is much like the dining sessions held by the four prestigious Inns of Court in the United Kingdom.


Considering the event involves alumni, this year, PARFUM decided to work with the Faculty and its students to elevate the event to higher heights to enable them a more wholesome.  Thus, in the year 2019, PARFUM in collaboration with the UM Law Faculty and with tremendous support from its students worked hand in hand to organise this Fine Dining event.  We were graced with the presence of Tan Sri Dato’ Ariff Yusof, The Honourable The Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat, an alumni of the Faculty.


Also present was a good mix of judges, judicial and legal officers, members of the Malaysian Bar, as well as non-practising lawyers.  PARFUM and the UM Law Faculty were also humbled with generous contributions from alumni and non-alumni alike ensuring sufficiency of funds.


The event began with a simple reception.  Students and guests were served light refreshments until the arrival of Tan Sri Ariff.  After his punctual arrival, the doors to the hall were opened, and all were welcomed to enjoy a properly laid out full dinner course.  A student-representative, the PARFUM President and the Dean each delivered their opening remarks.  Later into the evening, guests were also honoured with a speech by Tan Sri Ariff who recounted his journey in the legal field.


The Event was well-received and seemed to achieve its purpose in building camaraderie with students (soon to be lawyers) and their seniors in the legal fraternity.


Photos & Memories 

20th October 2019 – Dragon Boat Racing Training Workshop

PARFUM, as part of its social obligation, organized the Dragon Boat Workshop on 20th October 2019. We had one boat full up with 5 alumni and 5 of our students. Donovan was the Chair for the event and assisted by some student reps. All in all, it was a huge success with the weather being on our side. A beautiful sunny Sunday morning by the Putrajaya Lake and seeing our alumni and students enjoying themselves. What a feeling. We hope to organize more sporting events, to attract our Alumni and our students to have a sportastic time by being in our group.

Photos & Memories

4th December 2019 – Law Career Talk

PARFUM, in collaboration with the UM Law Society (UMLS) organised and hosted the Career Talk 2019 on 4 December 2019 from 5.30pm to 7pm at the Tun Suffian Auditorium, Faculty of Law University of Malaya.


The purpose of the Career Talk was to expose the incoming batch of first-year students as well as the 3rd and final year students to the possibilities that await them in the legal profession upon graduation particularly all the major fields in the legal world.


The following speakers were invited and attended (along with their corresponding fields of law):


  1. Tuan Edwin Paramjothy (Public Service);
  2. Ms Rohaila Basir (Corporate/In-house work);
  3. Ms Firdaus Husni (Legal activism);
  4. Mr Raphael Kok Chi Ren (Academia); and
  5. Mr Abraham Au (Litigation).


The organising committee purposely selected a younger panel so that the students can better relate to the speakers.  The format of the talk was follows.


It began with a short speech from the Chairman followed by a speech from the UMLS’s project director, Mr Ignatius Joel Nathan.  The two student moderators, Ms Christina Ong and Ms Caysseny Boonsiri (both 3rd year students) then invited the panellists to introduce themselves.  Thereafter, the moderators engaged the panellists with pre-prepared questions relating to the speakers’ respective career fields.


After questions from the moderators, the floor was then opened to the student-audience to themselves ask the panellists questions.  The ceremony was then closed with a short ceremony awarding the speakers tokens of appreciation (copies of the Faculty’s JMCL to each speaker).  Tea and snacks were served on running basis from 5pm to 7.30pm (immediately before and after the event).


The event was well-received and, as a whole, achieved PARFUM’s goal to bolster student welfare.  At least 150 students from across the four batches attended and the student-crowd actively engaged with the speakers.

25th February 2020 – Third PARFUM’s Annual General Meeting

Tan Sri Dato’ Professor Ahmad Mohamed Ibrahim Academic Award

The late Tan Sri Dato’ Professor Ahmad bin Ibrahim, the former Attorney General of Singapore is a doyen in the Malaysian legal sphere who is very highly revered by judges, practitioners, academicians and students alike both locally and internationally.  The late Tan Sri Professor was the first ever Dean of the Law Faculty.  The late Tan Sri Professor was also instrumental in founding the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah of Laws which is presently the Faculty of Law, International Islamic University of Malaysia.


The PARFUM Advocate Prize was established with the purpose to honour and recognise the late Tan Sri Professor aforementioned and other countless achievements.  It was also set up to honour graduates who excel in all aspects that is, academics, co-curricular activities and leadership.  The prize also serves to motivate and create healthy competition among students to work hard.  The award comprises a RM2,000.00 cash prize which PARFUM sponsors annually for a period of 5 years from 2019.


Students qualify for the Prize on the following conditions:

  • They are Malaysian citizens;
  • Graduated with a final Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.70 or above;
  • excellent in co-curricular activities; and
  • demonstrate outstanding leadership and personality traits.

Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Visu Sinnadurai Excellence Award

Tan Sri Visu Sinnadurai was the second Dean of the Law Faculty.  Tan Sri Visu is luminary as far as the legal profession goes having authored his acclaimed treatise on the law of contract which is often referred to in legal works and judgments.  In fact, Tan Sri Visu also served as a Judge of the High Court.


In recognition and honour of the outstanding achievements and contributions of the Tan Sri Visu, PARFUM established the Academic Excellence Prize.  The award comprises a cash prize of RM1,000.00 which PARFUM sponsors annually for a period of 5 years from 2019.


Students qualify for the Prize on the following conditions:

  • They are Malaysian citizens; and
  • Graduated with a final Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.70 or above

Student Scholarship Fund (Prizes for Mooters)

The legal profession is not simply about memorising cases and legal provisions.  A large aspect of it also encompasses advocacy skills both oral and written.  In this regard, mooting is an important activity which helps students harness those skills and is an activity in which the Law Faculty has made significant strides.


The Philip C. Jessup (‘Jessup’) International Moot Court Competition is the oldest and largest in the world with participants from all corners of the globe.  PARFUM and the Law Faculty takes great pride when students from the Law Faculty emerge victorious in the National Rounds to qualify to represent Malaysia in the International Rounds held in Washington D.C., the United States of America, each year.


For these students, PARFUM has established a Student Scholarship Fund allocating RM4,000.00 per team of 5 students in the form of a Semester Scholarship to further motivate them to do their level best to raise the Malaysian flag high in Jessup.


PARFUM further awards RM500.00 to every student who manages to secure a win in any international moots in which the Law Faculty participates.